"We just purchased a Mitsubishi Mirage several weeks ago from this dealership. Throughout the whole buying process we were treated with respect and full attention was given to all of our questions and needs. Mind you, we didn't purchase the most expensive vehicle there, but we were still treated with respect even though we were buying a used car. We weren't pressured to buy a more expensive vehicle, or a pricey service warranty. When we came back a week or two later with a few small issues (a stone nick on the windshield and worn wipers), they paid for both! Our salesperson, Ruthy, was wonderful, and Andy was very visible and present on the sales floor and throughout the dealership. While I was waiting at the windshield repair shop, I chatted with the man who serviced our vehicle. I expressed surprise when he told me the cost was covered by the dealership. He said he has worked with them for years, and really liked them all. He said Andy was a great guy to do business with. I would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle here."
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